S.A.M.A.C. SRL was born in 1977 from a challenge taken up by Luigi Zabeo, a seller of accessories and machineries for the shoe industry. 

Luigi had the ability to support the potential of the shoe industry that was rising in Montebelluna, a small town in Treviso. As a matter of fact, having already faced the affirmation of the historic tradition of the handmade production of hiking boots, in those years the footwear sector was making its way through a more industrial system, including also the sport branch.

S.A.M.A.C. SRL set itself as warehouse and supplier of a wide range of materials and accessories for every kind of footwear. Within a short period of time, the company became a reference point for the local firms, as well as for the foreign ones. 

Starting from the mid-1980s, Luigi’ son, Flavio, started collaborating with his father to the management of the firm. He provided new ideas and innovations, allowing S.A.M.A.C. SRL to widen its fields of interest, including furniture andclothing. With the arrival of the younger brother Michele, inthe mid-1990s, the tasks were shared.
Flavio focused his attention on the development of the newborn furniture sector, building two new branches in Matera and in the area of Brianza, in order to directly support and supply two focal points of the scenery of the upholstery “Made in Italy”. 
Michele dedicated himself to the improvement of S.A.M.A.C. SRL role in the footwear overview, building a strong and operative partnership with numerous companies from Apulia and Romania.

In order to be increasingly integrated in the international market, resistant professional partnerships were created also in Germany, in Spain and in the Balkans.

With the years passing by, the company has faced a noteworthy evolution, trying to achieve the perfect synthesis between tradition and innovation, which is necessary to face the different requests originated by an industry that is constantly changing.

For this reason, S.A.M.A.C. SRL supplies raw materials, finished and coated products, as well as differently manufactured articles, turning raw materials such as fabrics and leather, into unique and customized products, always based on the customers’ demand.

Today, S.A.M.A.C. SRL is a reality that is constantly growing, researching, questioning the market and predicting the requests of a clientele spread on both a national and international level.

The main goal of S.A.M.A.C. SRL is to offer a complete service to the customer. Having all the essential materials available from a single supplier can only simplify the coordination in the provision process, as well as avoid unpleasant delays or interruptions during the production.


S.A.M.A.C. SRL mission consists in working everyday using the 100% of our abilities, in order to guarantee the best quality, the widest range of choice and the most efficient shipment to every customer.

Our key words are:
RESEARCH we are always looking for new materials and for the most suitable price performance.
DEVELOPMENT we are constantly trying to develop new manufacturing techniques and new products, that must also be eco-friendly.
ATTENTION we focus our efforts on the fulfillment of market demand, on the control of the different phases of manufacturing and on the attention to details.
RESPONSIBILITY we are committed to respect schedules, not forgetting to care the details.


The quality of our services and materials is officially certified.
Since 2004 the headquarters of S.A.M.A.C. Srl is one of the companies in the Montebelluna area with ISO 9001 certification, which guarantees the quality management system of the services and products offered.