Atelier in Spring: pink in furnishings

At Atelier, we couldn’t wait for spring to come because we madly adore pink in the furnishings!

In this season it is enough to look up to the sky to let yourself be conquered by the beneficial power of pink color, don’t you think?

As in nature, pink is harmonious, simple, but never banal in furnishings!

For years now this color has gone beyond the boundaries of cuddling little girls’ bedrooms, managing to express its true character in much more popular environments than the home.

If you want to know more about this colour and, above all, how to best use it to decorate your home in a unique and smart way, just continue reading this short article.

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But let’s get back to us! The shades of pink that can be used in furniture are really numerous and, unlike many other colors, each of them is able to give a totally different character to the living:

• For example, we all know antique pink, thanks to the delicate gray veil that characterizes it, this shade manages to evoke a vintage, refined and timeless atmosphere.
Pink quartz exploded in 2016 when the famous American company Pantone elected it color of the year with the code 13-1520 (Rose Quartz): it is known that from the world of fashion to the interior it is a short step, in fact this pastel shade manages to give peace and tranquility to the room;
• The candy pink is the most romantic and difficult of all but in order not to become banal, just dose it well and break it up with bolder colors such as red or, why not, blue;
Peach, halfway between flesh pink and orange, is energizing and lively, able to illuminate any room without being cloying;
Fucsia is dynamic and current because it is the color that dominates web pages and famous applications … highly frequented in recent times! It is a color that from the screen has managed to settle easily in the furnishing of domestic spaces because it gives energy and grit

But which is the most popular pink? Without a doubt the powder pink: so soft and almost impalpable it is certainly the most used color in furniture because it is considered a real neutral color.

The high percentage of white makes it able to adapt easily to any style and therefore to be combined with many other colors.
If you decide to use pink in the living room, know that, regardless of the shade you prefer, it fits easily both on the walls and for the furnishings, it all lies in finding the right match:

In light shades of antique pink, quartz or powder, it goes very well with white and other pastel shades to obtain a relaxed or shabby look. If you have an old piece of furniture to pickle you have done bingo: whether it is a piece of furniture, a console or a bookcase, opt for pink and you will immediately feel the air of Provence!

To achieve perfect harmony you can combine pink with its complementary: sage green. The rule to obtain a balance is to never exceed the 80/20 proportion: so if you paint the walls pink you can add a green piece of furniture or vice versa!

Combined with teal, it gives the living room a sophisticated look that can be further enriched by inserting furniture with gold-colored accessories.

Together with black, pink is perfect for obtaining a hyper modern effect, the ideal is to alternate the two colors with geometric or floral textures that recall them both!

If you have a nice parquet at home, preferably dark brown, antique pink is certainly the color that can best enhance it.

The gray and dove make it extremely welcoming, perfect for decorating waiting rooms or relaxing receptions without sacrificing glamor!

Or you can still opt for the tone on tone … from the walls to the chairs, from the furniture to the curtains, an escalation of pinky shades will undoubtedly be able to give a touch of class to the home!
So you can say you see everything pink without necessarily being in love 😉

Regardless of what the final effect is sought, the important thing is to be able to clear this color of the connotation that binds it to a specific genre!
We have such a beautiful color palette at our disposal that it is really a shame to have to give up even one …
On an emotional level, pink is also able to convey calm, tranquility, instill optimism, hope and, in some cases, reduce stress.
Property not to be underestimated in this period 😊

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