Fabric for upholstery. 1586 is only one of an entire collection of fabrics made in Italy with natural fibers: Cromìa Collection is made by 6 different textures in 9 perfectly matched colors in order to offer the customer the opportunity to create his own mix based on personal taste.
Playing with styles and colors to always get different combinations and give a new look to the house in a simple and fast way.

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Cromìa Collection

Made in Italy

Natural fiber



Roll Width 140 cm (+/- 2%)
Roll Length (average) 35 / 40 m
Composition 81% CO + 13% PL + 6% PC
Weight 900 g/lm (+/- 2%)
Tensile Strength Warp: 90 N | Weft: 90 N
Tear Growth Resistance Warp: 100 N | Weft: 100 N
Seam Slippage Resistance Warp: 6 N | Weft: 6 N
Abrasion test > 20 000
Piling 3-4
Color Fastness to Rubbing Dry: 4-5 | Wet: 4
Color Fastness to Artificial Light 5
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