KM 0

KM 0 Description

Our Green Choice is to research and supply to our customers product made following strenght rules in order to preserve the environment.

We use suppliers close to us to reduce the CO2 emissions and keep the supply chain under control.

Reducing the levels of air pollution has a great impact on reducing losts of respiratory diseases, also on forests, crops and fishes.



WATERPROOF Description

The Waterproof treatment makes the material impermeable and therefore resistant to all the water-based liquids.

The GORE TEX technology used in this treatment allows the water resistance while keeping the material light and breathable.

It allows the escape of sweat turning it into steam, leaving the foot dry.


PIERCE PROOF Description

The safety shoe is the first Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which is why it plays a fundamental role into the WORKER SAFETY.

For this reason we supply pierce-proof materials, resistant, flexible and easily workable but built in such a way as to allow total protection.

Suitable for textile insoles or uppers for safety footwear.

Respects the Standard    EN ISO 20344:2012/ EN 12568:2010



The antibacterial treatment counteracts the formation and proliferation of bacteria, guarantees the hygiene of the material.

This treatment hinibits the bad smells derivate from sweat. The treated material acts like a natural deodorant remaining cool and dry in contact with the skin.

Particularly suitable for materials used into any footwear: sport, kids ect.

Respect the Standard UNI EN ISO 20645


ANTISTATIC Description

This treatment allows to unload the static electricity in the body and reduce to the minimum the electric charge accumulate on the surface of the material.

The antistatic treatment is used for the production of safety shoes worn in dangerous places.

It’s a very important treatment because allows to avoid the electrostatic discharges which can cause serious accidents like the onset and spread of fire that could damage the machinery.

The treatment leaves the material light and breathable.


LAMINATION Description

SAMAC SRL provides a wide range of lamination  services to achieve the best performance to obtain the desired product:
With MTP or foams of different densities,
PUR in points, which allows to maintain the breathability of the product

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