2021-2022 upholstery trends

“What’s new?”

This is the question we are often asked during a fair or at any event with customers and collaborators. The fashion industry has always accustomed us to novelty: a succession of new colors, materials and trends. The speed with which each collection, even if meticulously studied, entered and left the scene led to a continuous race against time, to an almost unsustainable transience, up to swirling fast-fashion.

The emergency due to Covid has given a sudden halt to this system, has made us understand that at any moment everything can stop, even fashion.

In recent months we have seen a change of direction, we have gained more awareness of the way we shop, we’ve had time to understand the true weight of our time and rediscovered respect for raw materials.

Both consumers and industries have shifted their attention to the “quality” of the products, a value that is becoming essential because quality is increasingly synonymous with beauty, longevity and, consequently, savings.

This is why the “trends” for the 2021/2022 season can be summarized in three words: Recovery, Renewal, Sustainability.

Let’s face them closely:

Recovery of ideas and concepts, materials and projects of value but which have seen the light for too little time due to the violent rotation of the collections. They are therefore “rescued” from the archives of materials, models, textures that ended up in the trunk too soon.

Renewal intended as a new way of conceiving the future because it starts from the revisitation of the past. The lockdown has completely upset our habits, making us rediscover many little things now forgotten due to the speed of daily life. We had the opportunity to act slowly, highlighting every detail to the point of displaying each element in a completely new or, indeed, renewed way.

In the field of furniture coverings, all this translates into the return of:

– Natural fiber fabrics;

– Damask and Jacquard fabrics used on both sides to create different combinations while using the same fabric;

-Geometric and floral textures, perhaps mixed together.

Here are the products we recommend: Agorà, Sonda for the natural fibers, the bouclè Chanel and Privilege (elegant and timeless) and the whole range of the Cromìa and Como Collections – discover them by clicking on their names!

Sustainability is the third key concept for next season – and we hope that it will remain a must-have also in the future – because never as in this period have we become aware of the fragility of the environment in which we live, we have seen that few small gestures but constant changes produce noticeable changes. This is why the focus on reducing CO2 emissions and the use of pollutants during the production process is at the highest levels, as well as research for the development of innovative technologies and solutions for the recycling of materials.

Hence, plenty of room for fabrics made with materials derived from sustainable sources, such as organic cotton and recycled polyester.

These trends are inevitably reflected in the colors, which will therefore be soft and “conservative”: no needs for shouted or excessive colors, the focus will be on colors taken from the shades of nature and nuances re-proposed from last season.

We offer you the following palette:

<< We live in a time where nothing is new, and yet everything is new.

We live in a world that is changing before our eyes.

We do new thing in old ways.

We use old technologies in new ways.

We give existing materials new purpose.

We see trends that are new yet familiar.>>

From Heimtextil Catalogue Trends 21/22

Hoping to see you again soon at a trade show, we will continue to keep you updated on new products and new industry trends and innovations. Continue to visit our “news” page and follow us on our social pages with #samacsrl.


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