S.A.M.A.C. achieve LWG Gold Certification for Sustainable Leather Production

In line with our previous communication, S.A.M.A.C. is firmly committed to sustainable practices. We prioritize environmental stewardship in every aspect of our operations, making it an integral part of our daily activities.

Adhering to the LWG Standard:

To solidify our commitment, we proudly joined the Leather Working Group (LWG) audit standard and achieved the highest possible rating: GOLD.

About the Leather Working Group:

For those unfamiliar, the LWG is a non-profit membership organization established in 2005. Its mission is to drive positive change within the leather supply chain, ensuring responsible and sustainable practices for this valuable material.

Adopted Audit Protocol:

S.A.M.A.C. specifically adheres to the Commissioning Manufacturer Audit Protocol 1.0.2.  launched in 2020.

Aim of the Protocol:

This protocol assesses the environmental impact of an organization that deals with the production of leather also using subcontractors chosen for their excellence in some particular processing phases. The evaluation encompasses the entire production system, including both the commissioning party and subcontractors, using an approach similar to that for traditional leather manufacturers. It considers multiple aspects, including energy consumption and physical and documental traceability throughout the production chain.

Significance of LWG Gold Certification:

For S.A.M.A.C., attaining the LWG Gold certification is a significant milestone. It goes beyond mere recognition and serves as tangible proof of our unwavering commitment to protecting the planet we call home.

A Challenging Yet Rewarding Journey:

We acknowledge that this journey was long and arduous, gradually transforming our own practices and those of our suppliers. However, we are confident that these efforts will become increasingly sustainable as awareness grows within the global leather industry.

Achieving the LWG Gold certification marks a crucial step in our sustainability journey, a commitment we will continue to pursue with dedication and perseverance.

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New collection of fabrics for furnishings: for every environment, every style, every need

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new collection of furnishing fabrics. The collection, made up of six new proposals, offers a wide range of solutions for classic and modern environments.

The fabrics in our latest collection are made from high-quality materials, offering a variety of unique features:

Water resistance: Water-resistant fabrics are ideal for living rooms that are truly lived in on a daily basis, allowing for the easy removal of accidental liquids.

Natural fibres: Natural fiber fabrics are breathable and comfortable, giving rooms a warm and welcoming appearance. Ideal for those looking for the fresh and delicate contact of natural fibres.

Pet-Friendly: Our fabrics are tested for contact with our beloved furry friends, welcoming them and enveloping them without being too affected by their presence.


Here is a brief description of our new fabrics:

Maryland: A chenille blend with fresh, vibrant colors. Discover Maryland

Titanic: Soft and water resistant, available in a warm, autumnal color palette. Discover Titanic

Agata: Made of linen and cotton, breathable and comfortable, available in a sophisticated range of natural colours. Discover Agata

Odino: Made of water-resistant polyester, with a light and elegant bouclé look. Discover Odino

Pleasure: With natural fibers and refined colours, capable of making any environment truly pleasant. Discover Pleasure

Oregon: Water-resistant microfiber with a delicate texture, available in bright and vibrant colors. Discover Oregon

These are just the first arrivals of our new collection of Samac SRL fabrics, the ideal option for those who want to create elegant, comfortable and functional environments. The fabrics are already available in our warehouses and at authorized Samac SRL retailers.


Follow us on our social channels (IG and FB) with #samacitalia and contat us to discover in absolute preview all the arrivals of the new collection of Samac SRL fabrics for furnishings.

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LWG certification

The interest in the environment and sustainability is increasingly becoming our priority! Among the many steps that S.A.M.A.C. srl has decided to undertake in this direction there is the LWG certification: an acknowledgment that rewards companies in the leather manufacturing industry that manage their own business and control their supply chain with a view to protecting the environment, guaranteeing standards that exceed those required by law.

About LWG (Leather Working Group)

the Leather Working Group is a non-profit organization which since 2005 has been involved in assessing the environmental impact of leather production on a global scale, currently counting more than 1300 members.

LWG’s commitment:

LWG has developed a series of audit protocols to assess the environmental, social and governance impact of leather manufacturing facilities.
Over time, this commitment has extended to the entire leather supply chain: from the manufacturing industry to the producers of garments, footwear, accessories and furnishing coverings; from resellers who market semi-finished or finished leathers to large consumer distribution brands; from suppliers of chemicals and tests to manufacturers of machinery for the leather industry.

This non-profit organization aims to have a positive impact on the environment, as well as the community, by promoting:
-Greater traceability and transparency of the supply chain;
-Greater knowledge and access to data;
-Improved resource efficiency in leather production;
-Reduction of waste production and emissions into the environment;
-Improved chemical management and increased use of non-hazardous chemicals;
-Greater control over animal welfare and reduction of deforestation;
-Improvement of working conditions and fair treatment of workers.

Why talk about LWG

Anyone who has had the opportunity to browse the Storie di Pelle: Bull&Alba cardboard already knows that all these actions are the basis of our production philosophy.
With the “back to basics message, we want to make it clear that leather is actually a fitting example of a circular economy: a waste from the food industry which, instead of becoming waste, is reused and given new life.

The goal we share with LWG is precisely to improve the environmental impact of the leather supply chain globally, encouraging more and more companies to implement this important step, in the hope that it will become the general standard for the entire leather industry .

Contact us for more information.

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