Storie di Pelle Vol.1

September is the month of new beginnings and we are ready to get off to a great start with an exclusive novelty: Storie di Pelle vol.1.

Storie di Pelle is not just a cardboard but it is a real new project that has involved us entirely, leading us to greatly enrich the quality and range of colors of genuine leather for furniture.

Here we present the first (Vol.1) of a series of catalogs designed to embrace the needs of specific sectors in which genuine leather is used.

In this 1st Volume you will find Home Interior sector: represented by Massif and Modena leathers.

A total of 108 colors, from the classics to the most fashionable ones, with the convenience to always find them available in our warehouses.

Storie Pelle vol.1 contains SAMAC’s commitment to researching and selecting only the best leathers, following the production carefully, step by step, in the factories of Arzignano (Vicenza), which has always been the beating heart of the production of leather for furniture, in Italy.

But that’s not all: we have in fact thought about the possibility of shaping this catalog in order to make it completely yours.
How? Simply by inserting the photos of your products and your data / logos.

Storie di Pelle will thus become an additional sales tool to always keep at hand in your showroom or shop.
A unique opportunity that will allow you to present yourself at your best and meet the needs of your customers!

What are you waiting for to find out? Watch the video presentation in the VIDEO section of our site or contact us to receive it and be able to touch it with your hands.

Don’t forget to follow us on social channels with #samacsrl

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In view of the arrival of the summer break, we inform you that our warehouses will observe the following closures:

-MONTEBELLUNA: warehouse and office closed from 07 to 22 of August;

-MARIANO COMENSE: warehouse and office closed from 07 to 22 of August;

-MATERA: warehouse and office closed from 07 to 29 of August.

The summer break is an opportunity to recharge our batteries.  This allows us to be ready to satisfy your every need.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

We take this opportunity to whish you to spend these days in the better possible way.

We wish you all happy holidays!


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Fast Clean & Stain Resistant

We invite you to discover the Fast Clean and Stain Resistant treatments. These treatments are available on many upholsteries for sofas and furnishing accessories.

In an era in which the sofa is becoming more and more important of our everyday life, being the perfect place to relax, to enjoy some free time, to share moments with our loved ones, we offer you a range of materials that satisfy all your needs.

We know that choosing the perfect upholstery for your sofa is not so simple and immediate!

SAMAC SRL offers you the possibility to choose the material that best suits your habits, as well as the unexpected events of every day.

Here you will find two types of treatments that will allow you to fully enjoy your sofa, without having to worry about any stains that could get formed:

The FAST CLEAN treatment permits you to effortlessly fix domestic damages with just a few easy gestures.

In case of stain, it will be enough to:

1) Remove residual dirt with a cloth;
2) Pour a few drops of water and, in case of stubborn dirt, add neutral soap*;
3) Dab by making circular movements;
4) Wait for it to dry to continue enjoying relaxing moments on your favorite sofa!

*Absolutely avoid using invasive degreasers/products, as they can damage your sofa.

Watch the video in the dedicated section to understand how it works.

The items that have the FAST CLEAN treatment are Gobi, Rock and Shore.

Discover them now!

Another special treatment is the STAIN RESISTANT one, which makes your sofa resistant to any liquid.

In this case, just wipe the liquid accidentally onto your sofa, bed or armchair with a cloth.

Watch the tutorial video directly from this link, and checking the gallery you will also find out a lot of information about SAMAC srl

You can choose the material you like best from the wide range of items we offer because you know: performance is important but the eye must have its share!

Contact us now to see all the fabrics with STAIN RESISTANT and FAST CLEAN treatment.

Follow us on social media with #samacsrl and you will always be updated on our news and products.

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