SUPREME: new genuine leather

Supreme is the new genuine leather incredible resistant and versatile: Simply ready for anything!

We invite you to discover the high performance LEATHER you have been waiting for!!!


Made in Italy Genuine leather
– Soft touch
– High Resistance
– Fire Retardant
– Waterproof
– Stain and Cleaner Resistant

It is suitable for indoor, outdoor, autmotive, nautical, aircraft and much more…

Try it!


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Revolutionary Microfibers!

At SAMAC, we love challenges and are always looking for new materials and innovative technologies that can offer our customers the best quality while winking to the economic needs of the market.
The SAMDRY MICROFIBER line was born from all this: different kind of microfibers suitable for the production of safety, sports, walking shoes or even as linings for bags or shoes.

SAMDRY DYAMANT: Produced with the Waterborn Coating process, respecting the environment because 100% Solvent free, Perfect for the PU injection process, Very high resistance to abrasion but extremely light;

SAMDRY SILKY: Suede look and soft touch, it is a light, breathable, resistant and washable microfiber, ideal as upper, lining or sole.

SAMDRY SUPERBREATH: The lightest and most breathable microfiber on the market. Produced with ECO-TECH technology in order to minimize the absorption of H2O molecules and always remain fresh and dry.

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New Upholstery Materials

During 2020 we’ve decide to implement our UPHOLSTERY COLLECTION of 5 new materials and to retire the most obsolete items.

In an era in which the sofa is used frequently and for various reasons, we’ve decide to focus on high quality products, resistant and washable, without sacrificing the Italian style that distinguishes us!

We therefore invite you to discover New Keny, Agorร  and Privilege fabrics, the Casinรฒ microfibre and the Eagle synthetic leather, also suitable for Outdoor and Automotive use.

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